The annual ritual of meeting on Monday night and voting on Wisconsin conservation issues will be April 10 throughout Wisconsin. To find your county’s locations go here.

Dane County’s meeting is at the Monona Grove High School Schwan Fine Arts Center, 4400 Monona Drive, Monona, WI 53716 starting at 7 pm. Come at 6 pm with a photo id to register. You can vote for delegates and for the questions. Your vote matters! Every year more and more people who do NOT hunt/fish/trap attend these meetings to place their votes. 

We advocates for animals work together. In Dane County reps from Alliance for Animals, a rep from Humane Dane, and a rep from Wisconsin Wildlife Ethics will be in the lobby from 6:30 – 7:00 pm.

Please read each question and decide for yourself, however remember that some questions have no humane answer. For a list of suggested humane answers see Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic’s recommendations.

If you have an important issue you would like to have Dane county vote on, please create a Citizen Resolution (…/Do…/spring_hearing/ResolutionProcess.pdf)

Questions about the process? E-mail