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The city of Oconomowoc has approved the gassing of Canada geese in Oconomowoc Lake, Wisconsin. See. Waukesha County community ready to gas geese

Gassing geese does not work. In Edgewater,  New Jersey governing representatives had contracted with USDA’s Wildlife Services to employ nest and egg destruction and to capture, gas, and kill Canada geese. None of these actions resolved the Edgewater Canada geese problem. And, because it didn’t correct the issue and citizens began to learn of the practice and started to protest, the round up was canceled. Since then, the governing body employed these successful methods to relocate the geese and deter the geese’s return to the landscape:

  • Habitat modification, which is the most effective long‐term
  • Instituted and enforced public feeding bans. Feeding the wrong foods can cause permanent angel wing deformities and result in the geese becoming dependent on human‐derived food sources.
  • Mechanical scare devices, flags, and noise have been effective when combined with other methods. The effectiveness of these techniques have diminished over time.

The killing of Canada geese only serves as a temporary solution, as space is just freed up for a new flock.

In addition, Oconomowoc Lake is known for its hospitality and attracts visitors from all over Wisconsin and out of state. The killing of Canadian geese will ruin this image as it does not fit with the hospitable support of the natural landscape. In fact, it will deter visitors from coming to Oconomowoc Lake. As geese are naturally drawn to large bodies of water, such as Oconomowoc Lake, visitors have come to see them as part of the natural landscape. Removing the geese, through a horrific act nonetheless, will negatively influence Oconomowoc Lake’s attraction factor.

There must be a win-win solution that does not negatively influence Oconomowoc Lake and the Waukesha area, but rather, promotes and supports the natural Wisconsin landscape that we all wish to protect.

What you can do:

Contact Joe Birbaum, Village President

Contact Donald G. Wiemer, City Administrator



14 thoughts on “Geese Gassing at Oconomowoc Lake, WI

  1. Please learn from others! This method did not work in other places. It left a void that other geese filled. Just like trapping and killing cats does not work. The void is filled by other cats.

    Anyone see a pattern?

    1. I forgot to include that the geese (or any other animal) stays where it finds a good habitat. Stop feeding them people!

  2. Hi – I represent League of Humane Voters Wisconsin Chapter. I’m wondering if someone familiar with WI’s propensity to gas geese could contact me at the e-mail below. I live in Polk County, WI. I’m wondering about permits throughout the state…and what’s been done historically in terms of activism. Have any towns had any success in battling this issue?

    Melanie Weberg

    1. Hi Melanie, look up IGF – International Goose Foundation on Facebook. Totally free, non-profit. You will see a lot of information.

  3. Another group on ignorant small time city council people! Just like the groups of idiots in Twin Lakes, WI Get off your asses and find another way to do this with all the humane methods available!

  4. Please do not kill the geese! They have done nothing to deserve this cruelty. Many cities have successfully controlled the population with humane methods such as egg addling, habitat modification, Goosinator, etc. There are sweepers that can be used to clean up grass and sidewalks. Geese are beautiful creatures. Their presence graces our land. To kill them because they’re inconvenient is a terrible shame. This world is badly in need of love. Please show them love and not hate.

  5. 7 years ago the citizens of Bend, Oregon, persuaded their Park District to stop Canada geese extermination and to adopt the nonlethal method advocated by GeesePeace and the Humane Society of the U. S. The new program has been an astonishing success by anyone’s measure: cost effective; humane; non-controversial; humane.

  6. God’s beautiful creatures. They only do what comes natural to them, and they hurt no one. Humans are pushing them out of their habitats. We need to find a way to live peacefully with them instead of killing them. I love seeing them come to our pond every Spring and raise their young. Shame on you!

  7. There is no reason for this mass murder, and that’s what it is. Makes me ashamed to be a human, as we are the most destructive and heartless species on the planet.

  8. Barbaric… We humans after thousands of years have not learned to live in harmony with our environment or the other living things within it. In most cases that were there first. Imagine if they had the capacity to turn the table on humans. Not so pleasant.

  9. I know some individuals who are nuisances; should they be gotten rid of??!! This issue with the geese is about the most senseless reason to get rid of innocent animals; for absolutely no good reason. God created them, not man! Humans need to learn how to live with God’s creatures and Mother Nature instead of destroying everything we come into contact with. If people are bothered by the noise of these creatures, or their feces, then they can move. Honestly, they were probably there first and should not be gassed or harmed in any way. If you can’t come up with a plan to relocate them, then let them live their lives, and let ‘man’ learn to live with them period.

  10. This constant killing of innocent wildlife has completely gotten out of hand!
    What is wrong with people?!! I am so fed up with it!! Maybe these idiots would like
    to try out the ‘gas chambers’ to see how they work!!! Please, lets just leave ALL the
    wildlife alone!!

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