VOTE SCHEDULED — Woodchucks SB 249/AB323

Thanks to all of you who took the time to come to the open hearing on Friday. The vote to create a woodchuck season is happening this Wednesday, June 7 in both committees:

Senate –

Assembly –

There is no good reason for this proposed change to the statutes. Woodchucks are NOT a state problem. The law already states that the owner or occupant of any land may hunt or trap woodchuck year round. We do not need to add yet another wild animal to our list of animals having a hunting season! Those in favor of this bill call themselves “outdoorsmen”. In reality they just like to kill animals.

What You Can Do:

Please take the time to do something to stop this ridiculous bill. Alliance for Animals supporters are famous for speaking out and letting legislators know we will not support such actions. Don’t ever stop!

Once the bills get to the full Assembly and Senate, they’ll be much harder to stop. You have until Wednesday, June 7 at 10 am to write these legislators.


Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry
​Assembly Committee on Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage

(608) 266-8551

(608) 266-5831

(608) 266-3123

(608) 266-2519

(608) 266-7683

(608) 267-8979

(608) 266-0315

(608) 266-0640

(608) 266-2509

(608) 266-7506

(608) 266-5340

(608) 266-7511

(608) 266-3534

(608) 266-1192

(608) 266-6670

(608) 266-3780

(608) 266-3070

(608) 266-8590

(608) 266-0650

(608) 266-3404

Thank you to Wisconsin HSUS (Melissa Tedrowe) for providing these email addresses. Alliance for Animals has joined others by registering against both AB 323 and SB 249.