Help Alliance for Animals help Madison’s geese. Last summer, the Madison Parks Department killed 127 geese for being geese while they were at their most vulnerable. They were molting and couldn’t fly. Other Wisconsin communities have done this too, but not all – it is not necessary and the Alliance for Animals has many humane alternatives!  We need resources to raise awareness and stop this unnecessary cruelty.

There are countless reasons to purchase original art. In an age of mass-produced everything, you will have something unique that touched the artists’ hands. You will have something hung on your home or office wall that tells a story.

Geese are as different as humans. Each goose has its own personality and preferences – and like most humans, they prefer to live. Like each goose, each one of these 5” x 7” paintings is one-of-a-kind. There are colorful geese, silhouetted geese, geese hiding in the grass, geese flying, geese marching in front of traffic, geese with attitudes, and many more – there are 20 different paintings to choose from right now, but artists are working and there will be more coming soon. They are each matted at 8” x 10” to fit a standard frame.

You have this unique opportunity to visit this Goose Gallery and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of original art made by local (and a few national!) artists. Each portrait costs $50 plus $5 for shipping and handling in the U.S.  100% of the money you spend will go directly to Alliance for Animals. All materials and the artists’ time has been donated to raise money towards working to save the geese in Wisconsin.

Click the photo of each individual goose portrait to see it bigger. Type the Goose Portrait number you would like to buy and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. Pay Pal will send us an email notifying us and we will mail your portrait right out! Make sure to email us if your contact info is different than that associated with your Pay Pal or credit card account. Please email if you have any questions!



Goose Portrait Number

If you get charged an extra $8 fee, we are working to fix this and we will be happy to refund that money when we mail the painting!