• Initiate/oversee campaigns that further the mission
  • Stay apprised of local, state, and national animal-related bills each legislative session and alert members regarding action that should be taken
  • Write to city, county, and state legislators and speak at hearings
  • Identify targets for action and coordinate efforts, leafleting, or other methods as appropriate
  • Produce and send e-newsletter as needed (at least monthly)
  • Keep Wisconsin animal issues in the news
  • Respond to queries from media/general public about animal issues


  • Solicit donations through direct mail, website, and other fundraising opportunities
  • With assistance from board members, paid staff, and volunteers, organize and execute two existing events
  • Create, plan, and execute additional events to gain funding and recognition
  • Insure that donations are properly recorded, deposited, acknowledged, and provide receipts for tax purposes


  • Write, edit, and publish quarterly newsletter
  • Maintain and update website and social media websites
  • Develop new organization literature as required
  • Take advantage of tabling opportunities


  • Oversee federal and state tax forms and employee income tax submittals, licensing, fees, etc, with assistance from accountant
  • Oversee accounts payable
  • Oversee accurate accounting records of organization’s financial status, with assistance from accountant
  • Maintain CiviCRM database
  • Maintain an organized, well supplied, and welcoming office space
  • Attend board meetings and give input
  • Be aware of lobbying restrictions for 501(c)3 organizations


  • Assure that committees and other volunteer activities comport with the Alliance’s mission
  • Respond to member inquiries and concerns
  • Thank volunteers promptly and give recognition in newsletter
  • Encourage volunteers when they ask for help

Please direct any questions to