Our children love animals. Should they be forced to dissect?

Do you want your child to refuse to dissect a rat, cat, fetal pig, or any other animal in school?

Unfortunately in Wisconsin there is no policy or law granting your child the right to opt out of dissection and instead use computer models or other means of learning the material.

Over half of our 50 states have policies stating that students have the right to refuse to dissect. Among them are our neighbors to the north, south, and east:

Minnesota students have the right to refuse to dissect. 

Michigan students have the right to refuse to dissect.

“The Michigan State Board of Education recognizes that a growing number of students have moral, ethical, religious, or other objections to animal dissection and that modern nonanimal teaching methods (e.g., interactive computer software) are available. … [T]o accommodate these students and create an inclusive learning environment, any K-12 student who objects to dissecting animals or animal parts should be permitted to opt out of dissection activities without fear of reprisal.”

Illinois students have the right to refuse to dissect.

Here in Madison, students are not allowed to opt out of dissecting cats, rats, fetal pigs, or any other animal. If you have a child currently attending one of the Madison public schools and you want to him/her to have the option to say no to dissection, contact us at alliance@allanimals.org and we will provide you with information to present to your school/school board.

In other parts of Wisconsin, the same holds true. Wisconsin has no laws to protect our children from being subjected to  inhumane dissection. Let us know if you want some help organizing at your school.

Visit Everything You Need to Know about Classroom Dissection. Thanks PETA!