UW Cat Experiments

Alliance for Animals Board member and Madison attorney, Leslie Hamilton, represented PETA in its 3-year battle with the UW in order to expose the animal cruelty that takes place on campus every day. Several AFA members joined others in a demonstration against these painful and needless experiments. If you are interested in helping us bring to the public's attention this and other forms of animal cruelty disguised as science, please join us at our regular meetings. See the Events Page for further information about meeting times and locations.

Also read Leslie's letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal countering false claims made by UW representatives. The UW continues to hide information about these taxpayer funded experiments while claiming it supports openness and public discussion.

To get a better picture of the truth regarding these experiments and the cats' suffering, read the USDA's Dec 2012 inspection report, released to us in March, 2013.

Additional documents of interest:

Dr. A. affidavit.pdf

Beckham affidavit.pdf



Here are the photos that were released from these experiments.