Dear Friends and Supporters of Alliance for Animals,

Since 1983, the Alliance for Animals has been the voice for animals in Wisconsin. Together we have led campaigns for bears, wolves, monkeys, dogs, cats, geese, woodchucks, deer, elephants, bobcats, rabbits, cows, goats, horses, pigs, cranes, doves, … for any and all the animals who need a voice.

Speaking Up for Animals

This year, we spoke up for the woodchucks targeted by the state hunting lobby; we were the voice of the beavers in a city park who were targeted for trapping and drowning. We spoke up for cows and their calves at the World Dairy Expo. We stood together for animals forced to perform in the Zor Shrine Circus. We had letters to the editor published that gave voice to animals at the Henry Vilas Zoo, and we made sure that a local man who left his dogs behind when he intentionally blew up his house was charged with multiple counts of crimes against animals. 

Spreading the Vegan Perspective

At our 13th annual Vegan Chili Cook Off people learned that vegan chili can be tastier and spicier than chili filled with meat. At our seventh annual Mad City Vegan Fest inspiring speakers like Dr. Neil Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine spoke about the heath benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Milestones and Changes

This has been a year of milestones and change. We hired Mary Telfer as our Executive Director. We saw the history of the UW’s use of animals immortalized in a new book. We moved our office because our home for decades will soon be torn down. Some things change, but our work for the animals continues; their plight, the plight of all animals, continues to be our driving motivation for pushing forward.

Your generous financial support and encouragement is what kept the Alliance for Animals speaking up for animals in 2017. Thank you! Please give as much as you can to  keep our voice for the animals loud and insistent in 2018. 

Alliance for Animals
P.O. Box 1632
Madison WI 53701