Chicken Throw and Pig Chase Ridgeland, WI February 17, 2018
Senator Terry Moulton

Wisconsin State Senator 608-266-7511

Representative Rob Summerfield

Wisconsin Assemblyman


Dennis Smith

Dunn County Sheriff 715-232-1564

Marshall Multhouf

Chief Deputy Sheriff 715-231-2904

Officer Adam Zukowski 715-232-1564

When you call the Sheriff’s office ASK FOR AN INCIDENT # and may be asked for your name and birthdate.

Ask them to please NOT ALLOW this event to happen.  When they tell you the chickens get thrown no further than if they were to jump off of a roost, tell them you can see by the photos they are getting thrown WAY higher and how terrifying this must be.  When they tell you it has been a tradition for about 35 years, tell them some traditions are very bad and need to change.

If you can take 2-3 minutes of your time to make one or two calls YOU WILL BE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Read More.

Thank you so much for doing what you can,