Paul A. Greiner of Portage Wisconsin was charged with 5 counts of stalking (Felony I) (offense date 2/1/18) and 1 count of mistreatment of animals/cause death (Felony I) (offense date 3/24/18) for baiting, trapping, and killing neighborhood cats.

On May 2, 2018 he appeared in court with his attorney Mark David Lawton. Troy D. Cross appeared for the State of Wisconsin. He was assigned a $1,000 signature bond and can have no contact with five individuals or their residences. He may not possess any animals, animal traps, or firearms.

He has been scheduled to appear in court several times since then and each time it has been postponed. He has been allowed to travel out of state in July and in September he was allowed to travel to O’Hare to transport a relative.  On Tuesday October 9 there is a scheduled telephone conference, but no indication of any court appearances.

This man is a criminal. He has BAITED, TRAPPED, and KILLED domestic cats. He must be be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

The prosecuting attorney is Assistant D.A. Mary Ellen Karst: 608-742-9650.

If convicted, Greiner faces a sentence of up to 3-1/2 years in prison for each of the 6 felony charges.

In a 5/2/18 article in the Portage Daily Register it was reported that:

 “When a Portage police detective asked Greiner about the cats April 11, the same day a search warrant was executed on his Dunn Street house, Greiner reportedly explained that after finding feathers around his bird feeder, he set conibear traps baited with tuna in a five-gallon pail. Conibear traps are advertised as rotating jaw traps to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals.

Greiner told police he “wanted to eliminate the city of feral cats” and would take the cats to Anacker road and threw them in the ditch.”

What you can do:

  1. Write a polite but firm letter to Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlwey ( urging her to take this matter seriously and to prosecute Mr. Greiner to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. Also write (or call:608-742-9650) prosecuting attorney Mary Ellen Karst and let her know that we are watching this case and expect that Mr. Greiner will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

This man is dangerous and feels that he can take the law into his own hands. He baited cats with tuna and then trapped and killed them for being cats. Their final day was filled with fear and most likely torture of some kind. These crimes must be punished seriously, regardless of the fact that Greiner was a state trooper or that he is elderly. He is a criminal. The courts must send a strong message that this type of abuse is not acceptable

Address letters to: 

District Attorney Jane Kohlwey
Columbia County District Attorney
P.O. Box 638
Portage, WI 53901

Assistant D.A. Mary Ellen Karst
Columbia County District Attorney Office
P.O. Box 638
Portage WI 53901


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