After over 138,000 signature, numerous phone calls, and several formal complaints, the sheriff’s office of Dunn county does not want to investigate further into the ‘Chicken Toss’ and says no animals were hurt – even though that is contrary to what witnesses have seen and a vet has testified.

What you can still do: These are the individuals that would most likely feel some pressure to act if they started to receive bulk correspondence from people who oppose this horrendous event. The Dunn County Village Clerk, Kristin Huset,, 715-949-2265 and the County Board Supervisor, Brian Johnson,, 715-658-1888.

Please help Alliance for Animals ramp up our efforts to shut this event down. As with any campaign, getting the message out in an assertive effort costs money, so with your help we will have the much needed resources to pay for the expenses required to make some noise and make the ‘Chicken Toss’ a thing of the past.

Even a $5 donation will help if enough people contribute. Thank you so much for caring!

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