WE NEED SOMEBODY NOW TO DRIVE TO LOEHRS IN CAMPBELLSPORT, WISCONSIN. We have reason to believe that the geese are being driven to Loehrs Meat Market. Is there anyone who can drive their right now and take photos and/or videos?
I have re-written this post now three times, thinking there was still something to do for the geese THIS YEAR – I sat outside of Eric Knepp’s office until he came to work this morning and I’m very sorry (devastated) to tell you that in Madison the geese were killed this morning.

I’ve spoken at the Board of Parks Commissioners meeting, offered to pay for equipment to clean up goose poop, designed signs to exhibit at the Farmers’ Market. I’ve given out flyers, talked to reporters, and appeared on the Madison TV news. Still, Madison Parks have killed the geese this morning at two locations: Vilas (not sure beach or park or both) and the Yahara Hills golf course. 

We have a year to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We will do everything possible and start working with the parks department in the fall and start working on other ideas immediately. Thank you all for everything you have done – when I wrote about this on our website, in E-alerts, and on Facebook – you responded! Just as I thought you would – you wrote letters, sent emails and postcards, made calls and shared the horrific news – all with the intent of stopping this madness.
If you can possibly make a donation please do. With your help we can increase our efforts to speak up for the geese, and for all nonhuman animals, through postcards, newsletters, flyers, advertisements, and even billboards. Without your help, however, we are limited in what we can do.  The animals deserve our help.