When I read this story, I thought, can this level of ignorance be real? It’s unimaginable to think of how much this kitten suffered. Three adults held down their pet kitten at home and used a castration technique (used for farm animals) in which special pliers are used to tighten a rubber ring around the testicles (MUCH too big for a kitten) and tried to castrate him. They cut off this tiny one’s ability to urinate. He suffered all night and died the next day. Fortunately someone gave the Lake Delton Police Department an anonymous tip and they started the investigation. The three people were charged with animal mistreatment causing death.

Please contact Judge Patricia Barrett to ask her to make this case (#2018CF000348O ) a priority. Contact Judge Barrett at PO Box 449, Baraboo, WI 53913 or call and leave a polite message for her at 608-355-3222.