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Attention MDs, scientists, thought leaders, and persons of good heart: A truly unique opportunity to affect our relationship with other animals is at hand.

Your voice is dearly needed.

Local activists succeeded in placing a measure on the ballot in a small community a few minutes from Madison, WI that would send a loud insistent message that hurting and killing animals in the name of science is not what the public wants.

Ridglan Farms (the website has been shut down) breeds and sells beagles to laboratories across the country. The measure on the ballot bans the breeding and transportation of dogs and cats for research.

The vivisection industry is doing all it can to defeat the measure. (What a shock!) You can help by writing a letter or asking a sympathetic doctor or veterinarian to write a letter in support of the measure to the Mount Horeb Mail, Editor, Matt Geiger

Speak up now!