Paul A. Greiner of Portage, Wisconsin has been charged with 5 counts of stalking (Felony I) (offense date 2/1/18) and 1 count of mistreatment of animals/cause death (Felony I) (offense date 3/24/18) for baiting, trapping, and killing neighborhood cats. There are no more updates, but you can write letters to the court in anticipation of the upcoming plea. ​

The prosecutor is unwilling to provide more information regarding the negotiations, but there is still time to write letters and the DA says that letters will be appropriately considered. We could find no email address for the judge.

What you can do:

Write polite but firm letters to Honorable Judge Brian Pfitzinger, urging him to take this matter seriously and to prosecute Mr. Greiner to the fullest extent of the law.This man is dangerous. He baited cats with tuna and then trapped and killed them for being cats. Their final day was filled with fear and quite possibly torture. These crimes must be punished severely, regardless of the fact that Greiner was a state trooper or that he is elderly. He is a criminal.

Write to: Honorable Judge Brian Pfitzinger
PO Box 587
Portage, WI 53901
State v. Paul Greiner
Columbia County Court Case Number 18CF211
December 3, 2018: Projected guilty plea/Sentencing