Our Wisconsin legislature is currently considering bipartisan legislation that would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats. If Assembly Bill 298 is enacted, it will stop the suffering of dogs and cats in breeding facilities AND help reduce the number of animals killed in shelters.

This is good news.

California and Maryland has passed laws to ban the sale of pets from breeding facilities. Wisconsin might be next. Also over 300 cities and counties have passed similar bills.

TAKE ACTION: Urge your elected officials to support a statewide ban on retail pet sales. Not sure of your district? Go to Wisconsin State Legislature and type in your address under “Who are my legislators”.


It’s time for Wisconsin to join California and Maryland (as well as over 300 cities and counties) to ban the retail sale of pets from inhumane breeding facilities.

Puppy mills and kitten mills supply pet stores. These innocent beings often spend their entire lives in crowded filthy  cages. They are considered a product, rather than a loving, trusting, affectionate companion who deserves our care and guardianship.

It is shameful that pet stores currently get their animals from puppy mills however if this bill was enacted, these pet stores could become part of the solution by instead offering animals for adoption from a large surplus of animals from local shelters and rescue groups who desperately need a forever home. 

AB 298 will help reduce the number of animals at shelters and rescue groups. It is a win-win solution.

Please support this bipartisan statewide ban. Help Wisconsin move FORWARD.


The bill has been sent to the Assembly Committee on Social Justice and Public Safety.  Please check below to see if your representative is on this committee. If they are it is SUPER IMPORTANT for you to speak up to them and say you do not want pet stores to sell dogs and cats.

Representative Spiros (Chair) – District 86 – Marshfield area

Representative Sortwell (Vice-Chair) District 2 – Two Rivers area

Representative Ott District 23 – Mequon area

Representative Steffen – District 4 – Green Bay area (cosponsor)

Representative Horlacher– District 33 – Mukwonago area

Representative Duchow – District 99 – Delafield area

Representative Novak – District 51 – Dodgeville area

Representative Schraa – District 53 – Oshkosh area

Representative Krug – District 72 – Nekoosa

Representative Crowley – District 17 – Milwaukee area

Representative Spreitzer – District 45 – Beloit area

Representative Emerson – District 91 – Eau Claire area (cosponsor)

Representative Stubbs – District 77 – Madison area

Representative McGuire – District 64 – Kenosha