“University of Wisconsin-Madison received an additional $3 million grant to construct a 4,300 sq. ft., nine room infectious disease suite as an addition to the already existing Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (1111 Highland Ave) primate vivarium and to equip the new vivarium with state-of-the-art nonhuman primate enclosures that facilitate safe and effective restraint of macaques while simultaneously providing novel socialization opportunities. The new infectious disease suite will consist of eight macaque holding rooms with the capacity to hold 20-24 animals each (total capacity = 172) and one procedure room engineered to support a variety of procedures commonly performed with SIV/SHIV infected macaques (e.g., virus inoculation, blood collection, peripheral lymph node biopsy, jejunal, colon, and rectal biopsy, anti-retroviral drug administration, and bronchoalveolar lavage).” [From two slightly modified direct quotes from NIH Reporter.]

This is on top of the 2019 $10 million general operation grant. Since 1998, the Primate Center has received in excess of $252,786,079 in tax dollars for general operations.