Alliance For Animals has a dozen Madison Metro bus ads calling attention to our geese!

Last summer, the Madison Parks Department killed 50 geese for being geese while they were at their most vulnerable mid-June through the end of July while they were molting and couldn’t fly. If the geese aren’t regularly frightened away by humans being in the parks/beaches, they will poop in areas with lots of humans and there will be more complaints. Madison Parks might decide to “round up” and slaughter again this summer.

With so many people going out more this year, surely a few people can find the time to help avoid another slaughter. If you live in the Madison area, please consider choosing a park to visit and haze geese on a regular basis. If you can go at least once a week to count the geese and goslings, haze them, and as a bonus – pick up their poop – it will be greatly appreciated. It may truly be a matter of life and death to these geese. It can honestly be fun – the hazing doesn’t have to be cruel – clapping your hands or bringing a small child with you should do the trick! It’s also nice to have a date with yourself to visit nature if it’s something you want to do more and you’ll be helping the geese at the same time.

What You Can Do

  1. Watch AFA Board Member Mary Telfer as she discusses the Madison geese on TVW Talk Wisconsin. See below.
  2. Contact Paul Quinlan at and tell him you want to help haze the geese.
  3. Continue to support our work with a donation so we can continue speaking up for the animals.

Please help protect the geese – Stop the round-ups!