Alliance For Animals billboard. June and July 2021.

It is a sad and disturbing fact that there are those among us who enjoy killing animals and who enjoy watching animals be killed. Slowly, laws have been passed to make some of this illegal. Cock fighting and dog fighting are illegal in all 50 states, but it is still legal in Wisconsin to let wolves kill dogs.

In fact, its not only legal in Wisconsin to let wolves kill dogs, but when a dog is injured or killed by a wolf, the state pays the dog’s owner $2500. Since this plan was put into effect, over $800,000 has been paid out to hunters who let their dogs chase wildlife in areas of the state where there are wolves. These hunters have their own special name: they are called Hounders.

Wisconsin is the only state in the country that rewards hounders who let their dogs run loose in areas with wolves. The hounders enjoy watching their dogs corner and attack other animals. They enjoy killing the animals cornered by their dogs. Just like the people who enjoy dog fights and cock fights. People who take dogs into the woods to chase and corner wild animals seem to enjoy the blood and the animals’ terror and death.

And we as taxpayers reimburse them for any loss they might incur.

Wisconsin has banned dog fighting and cock fighting. It is time to ban the use of dogs to run down wild animals. The only way you can help stop this is to do something. That something is to call or write to your Wisconsin State Senators and Representatives and Governor Evers and urge them to ban the use of dogs to run down wild animals.

And tell them to stop paying hunters.

Go to the Wisconsin State Legislature website to see who represents you. Just type in your full address in the box on the right of the page. Your results will provide you with contact information.

Governor Tony Evers Contact Info: Madison office 08-266-1212; Milwaukee Office 414-227-4344. Email:  Opinions