Adopt a Madison Park

Goose Patrol. It’s a simple idea. The fewer complaints the City of Madison receives, the less likely they are to kill geese. The complaints usually have something to do with their droppings.

We suggest adopting a park (or part of a large park) or beach, and visiting whenever you can. Some of us try to visit our adopted park once a day, but no matter how often you can go, if you pick up some poop and haze the geese, it will help.

When the City asked for volunteers, all they wanted were people to haze the geese — frighten them out of the park and off the beaches. We took it a step farther, and began cleaning up after them. It isn’t hard, and it gets you outside. A five-gallon bucket or a paper grocery bag and a dog poop-scoop is all you need.

The more often we go, the less poop there is to pick up because there are fewer geese and the droppings don’t build up.

If you decide you want to help, you should officially volunteer with the Parks Department. The person overseeing this program is Paul Quinlan, Conservation Resource Supervisor, City of Madison, Parks Division, Office: 608-267-4918. You can contact him at:

If you join up, there is a small email list you can be added to that lets volunteers share any questions or news.

Not sure? Email us at and we will tell you more. Or you can go along with one of our regular volunteers!