Alliance for Animals August 2019 Newsletter

1.  Give the Wolves and the Dogs a Voice

Alliance for Animals’ billboard calling out hunters who run their dogs in areas with wolves made a lot of those same hunters very angry. We received many messages from them chock-full of choice words. The local NBC station tried to cover the uproar, but did little fact-checking and ended up misleading viewers.

We had a productive conversation with State Assemblyman Jimmy Anderson. He expressed interest in introducing a bill ending the taxpayer-funded payments to hunters whose dogs are injured or killed by wolves. These large payment ($2500 per dog killed) are an incentive to hunters to put their dogs at risk and an opportunity to get paid for running an old or otherwise unwanted dog in an area where she is likely to be killed.​

What You Can Do:  Reach out to your Wisconsin State legislators — both in the Senate and Assembly — and ask them to contact Representative Anderson’s office about the state’s payments for dogs wounded and killed by wolves.

The Cold Hard Facts: It is unlikely that a Bill can pass right now given the make-up of the current Legislature, but it will never pass unless it is being talked about and debated. Getting a bill introduced would lay the groundwork for future success. The dogs and wolves need our help.

Find Your State Legislators Here

2.  Help Protect the Geese in Madison​

As you know, we were successful in stopping Madison’s annual goose and gosling slaughter this spring. But it very well could resume next year.The more people who complain about the geese and their droppings, the more likely the city will choose lethal means to control them.

If you live in the Madison area, you can help protect the geese by “adopting” a park and making a commitment to visit it frequently to encourage the geese to leave the area. This is called “hazing”.

Hazing involves making noise by yelling, clapping your  hands, blowing a whistle, or simply moving toward them. The more often they get hazed at a particular location, the more likely it is that they will avoid it and go to wilder places away from complaining people.

The city asked for volunteers to monitor parks and beaches and to frighten the geese away. AFA volunteers took it one step further, and started picking up their droppings. Less poop equals fewer complaints. Volunteers brought a bucket and a dog poop-scoop with them and cleaned up after the geese.

If enough of us pitch in, we can stop the annual slaughters. This year proves that we can do it, but the job is too big to be left to only a few of us. Please join us save our geese by adopting a park.

Volunteer to Adopt a Park 

3.  Speaking Directly to the Public

The Alliance Board of Directors made a decision this year to cut back dramatically on our overhead costs and to use the resulting monetary resources to speak directly to the public. The response to our dog and wolf billboard has reinforced our belief that this has much potential to stimulate discussion that can lead to real progress.

We are in conversation now with two outdoor advertising companies and, thanks to your generous donations, expect to see our messaging go public in the very near future. It’s not cheap, but bang-for-the-buck, we think keeping pro-animal messages in front of the public is key to the changes we long to see.

The more people who see pro-animal messages, the greater impact they will have. The limiting factor is money. Our decision to slash our overhead means that your donation will help more people see pro-animal messages on bill boards, buses, and anywhere else that seems productive. The more you give, the more people will be urged to be kind to animals.

Click below to donate to our Billboard/Bus Ad Campaigns.


4.  Animal Friendly Circus Coming to Madison This Month

Venardos Circus will be at West Town Mall August 21-September 2. Unlike the Zor Shrine Circus with its use of captive exotic animals, this circus is human only. Their website makes it clear, “We do not have any animals in our circus, just critically acclaimed human performers procured from some of the biggest stages around the world.”  How cool is that?

This is a perfect time to plan an animal friendly family outing before school starts.

5.  The Vegan Chili Cook-Off

We have decided to forego using our resources in putting on the cook-off this year. We may bring it back next year, or the year after, perhaps at a different venue.

When we first started the cook-off, you couldn’t find the word “vegan” on restaurant menus or on food labels. Some of the people coming to the cook-off had never tried or even heard of vegan chili. How times have changed! The chili cook-off, our Vegantines Dinner and Dance, and our vegan Cinco de Mayo burrito event did their job. “Vegan” is no longer an obscure word.

And as you know it’s a lot of work and we want to be sure we have the work force to put on a high quality event (see survey below if you would be interested in helping out at future events). The animals were the reason for all these events, but times have changed and our time and energy will be more productive by focusing on other strategies.

We realize some people will be disappointed, but we are confident that those who know of our dedication will trust that we put animals first. We are, and remain, Wisconsin’s Voice for Animals.

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