Don’t Go To The Circus

At long last, we’ve finally come to the final year of elephants being forced to perform or carry people around at Dane County’s Alliant Energy Center. This victory for animals is 8-years in the making. This is a good thing.

But no animals should hauled around the county and forced to “perform” in one one loud arena after the next. Exotic animals are used for one reason only, circus owners want to make money.

The Zor Shriner’s hire the Carden Circus year after year in spite of its long history of federal animal welfare violations. The circus claims that the animals are treated like family, but who keeps their children in cages or or uses whips and hooks to make them dance around for strangers?

Every elephant you see in a circus was taken from his or her mother and bullied into obedience. They are taught to fear the pain a bullhook can cause and to to fear the people forcing them to do stupid things. Don’t go to the circus.

All animals have the inalienable right to live their lives free from captivity whether we respect those rights or not.

If you care about animals or care about teaching your children to respect animals and to be kind, don’t go to the circus, don’t take your children to the circus.

No matter the details, when money is the main reason for using animals, they always get the painful end of the stick. Dolphins and whales in aquariums, animals in zoos swaying endlessly or pacing back and forth, calves being thrown to the ground in rodeos, horses dying at the race tracks, it’s all the same — hurting and frightening animals for human entertainment.

There is a wealth of information on the terrible things done to animals in the name of entertainment. Below are a few links.

What you can do: Write and/or call Dane County Supervisors. Tell them that traveling animal exhibitions are cruel and should be banned from performing at the Alliant Energy Center. Urge them to educate themselves. Provide them with this link to the New York City Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee’s report on animals in circuses:

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