Animals in Agriculture

The lives of farmed animals are brutal and short. Even seemingly innocent foods like dairy involve the abuses of “by product” veal calves and rennet production. Egg growers throw “useless” live male chicks into grinders. Animals raised for their meat or products typically spend their lives in cramped, unhealthy, filthy conditions before being slaughtered in fear and pain. The rise of commercial agriculture has reduced these animals to the status of commodity rather than that of sentient creatures. Learn more about animals in agriculture and what you can do.

Vegan Lifestyle

Everyone can live a more ethical, compassionate life by learning about animal-friendly dietary choices and consumer products free of animal-tested and -based ingredients. Whether you’re interested in reducing your consumption of animal products or are a long-term ethical vegan, we have events and information for you.

Animals in Research

Over 6,500 non-human primates, 4,000 dogs, and 13,500 rabbits were among the tens of thousands of animals subjected to experiments in Madison laboratories in 2013 alone. The Alliance is dedicated to legally and effectively ending the use of animals in research, testing, and education.

The Environment

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, resource depletion, water and air pollution, rainforest and biodiversity loss, soil degradation, and related environmental problems. It threatens wildlife by destroying vast tracts of natural habitat to grown mono-culture crops for livestock feed. Its pollution of thousands of rivers turns clean water into dead zones, impacting all who depend upon it.

Companion Animals

Nationally, over 4,000,000 animals are killed by shelters each year. The Alliance strives to reduce that number through spay/neuter education, as well as promoting shelter adoption. ¬†We advocate repealing Wisconsin’s pound seizure law, which allows local shelters to sell animals to research labs. Recognizing the threat that trapping poses to companion animals, we oppose cruel and indiscriminate leg-hold trapping in Wisconsin’s parks and public lands.

Animals in Entertainment

The Alliance’s Elephants Living Free campaign has secured Dane County facilities as elephant-free zones, effective 2020. We continue to campaign on behalf of elephants and other animals forced to live in unhealthy confinement, perform for human entertainment, and endure brutal training practices.


Wisconsin’s hunters can legally participate in merciless activities, such as the use of dogs in bear and wolf hunts; the training is virtually identical to that of dog fighting, using captive wildlife and even shelter animals as bait. In addition, Wisconsin permits bear baiting and canned hunts, where captive-raised animals are loosed in enclosures to be shot for sport.