Animals in Entertainment


Circuses market themselves as family fun for all ages. The truth is that circuses that use animals are almost universally guilty of providing inadequate space, exercise, and interaction, as well as utilizing abusive training practices.

The Alliance for Animals  is proud of its Elephants Living Free campaign, which labored hard to make Dane County an elephant-free zone, effective 2020. Other Wisconsin counties, other animals, and other venues leave a great deal of work still to be done, though.

We support the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act.

Pig Wrestling

During these events, four-person teams chase a pig around a small muddy pit. They attempt to either stuff her into a barrel or force her onto a small platform before their time runs out. We are deeply concerned about the illegality of these events and the threat they pose to animals, participants, and spectators. The fear the pigs experience can cause them to urinate or defecate out of sheer terror while being chased and wrestled.

Although their numbers are falling, pig wrestling events are featured at county fairs and fundraising events throughout Wisconsin. Please browse our website,, and educate yourself about pig wrestling and help to put an end to bullying a defenseless being. We are better than this.


Many zoos make claims that they are conservationists. The 2014 slaughter of Marcus the Giraffe is proof to the contrary. Marcus, a two-year-old giraffe who was bred in captivity, under the eye of zookeepers, was determined to have “common” genes that zookeepers did not find valuable. Although many zoos around the world wanted to give Marcus a home, zookeepers shot him in the head and carved his body up to feed to lions.

While we are not aware of such atrocities happening in Wisconsin zoos, animals are still subject to the psychological stresses of confinement and hazards in their environments. They are treated as commodities instead of sentient creatures.

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