Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism is a moral and political commitment which extends not only to matters of food, but to clothing, other products, and personal actions and choices. Vegans are people who abstain from eating animals and avoid using products that are animal-produced like milk, eggs, leather or honey, or that contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, and not purchasing products that have been tested on animals. It is the embrace of a cruelty-free lifestyle: Veganism is the ultimate philosophy of compassion for all sentient beings.

We hope you will consider switching to a vegan lifestyle. You will be glad you did. Below are some resources for you. Please email us at if you have any questions about adopting a vegan diet. Learn more here.

Happy Cow is a great resource when you are searching for vegan options near you.

Below is just a small sample of what you will see when you search for Madison restaurants with vegan option.


Happy Cow Website

Vegan Dining in Milwaukee

Best Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee



Vegan on the Rocks

Madison Vegetarian Meetup

Milwaukee Vegan Meetup

These meetups invite you to meet and socialize with other vegetarians and vegans in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. This is a great place to come either alone or with your family or friends, to social with like-minds and learn more about a vegan lifestyle. You will be sure to meet some great people!


Thank goodness for YouTube


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