No Pig Wrestling in Wisconsin!

Summer in Wisconsin. Farmers’ markets, baseball games, family picnics, gardening, and sunshine. unfortunately, summer in Wisconsin also means pig wrestling. Pig wrestling should be an embarrassment to Wisconsin. It encourages our children to be cruel to animals.

During these events, four-person teams chase a pig around a small muddy pit. They attempt to either stuff her into a barrel or force her onto a small platform before their time runs out. The fear the pigs experience can cause them to urinate or defecate out of sheer terror while being chased and wrestled.

It’s Bullying Plain and Simple

Anyone can Google “pig wrestling” and watch many videos online.  These spectacles are like older or bigger kids ganging up on a smaller child on the playground. It’s bullying, plain and simple. Society at large, the American Federation of Teachers, and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres  are speaking out against bullying as a serious issue that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Others Agree That It’s Unacceptable

We don’t normally get a chance to quote pork producers saying something good, but even the Swine Care Handbook published by the National Pork Board says: “At all stages, pigs should be handled with care, gentleness, and patience. Pigs are very alert and curious when put into a new situation. … Even very small disturbances in their surroundings can frighten them.”

A spokesperson for the Indiana 4H Headquarters at Purdue University has said plainly that: “Pig wrestling as a sport or entertainment is not consistent with what we teach in 4H. Thus we want to be explicitly clear that pig wrestling is not an activity endorsed in any way by the Indiana 4H Program. ” The Wisconsin 4H Headquarters at the UW has not responded to our request for their position.

Pig wrestling has been illegal in the state of Minnesota for 45 years.  Let’s do the same in Wisconsin! We can’t do it without you.

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