America’s Cow Hell

Do you live in Wisconsin but don’t want to display “America’s Dairyland” on your license plate? Alliance for Animals is the only place to get America’s Cow Hell stickers! Cost is $4 for two stickers.

Please be aware that putting them directly on your license plates may be illegal. We have members who have had them on their license plates for over a decade without a problem.

Vintage Vegan Fest Tees

Our vintage Mad City Vegan Fest 2017 tees are 90% cotton, 10% polyester. These shirts come in short sleeve only and we have both women’s and men’s styles in a variety of sizes. The cost of these are also shipping plus $2.00.

Help us spread the word, clear out our storage area, and get a great deal for some nice t-shirts.

Vegan Fest Tees