New Dissection Policy for Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD families must be notified if their children are to take part in dissection activities or to watch dissection demonstrations AND must be given an equally educational alternative if the family/student chooses not to participate due to religious, moral, or ethical beliefs regarding animals.

Madison Metropolitan School District Principals and Department Chairs were sent messages about the policy from Patti Schaefer, Director of STEM. 

America’s Cow Hell

Do you live in Wisconsin but don’t want to display “America’s Dairyland” on your license plate? Alliance for Animals is the only place to get America’s Cow Hell stickers! Cost is $4 for two stickers.

Artists Help With Goose Campaign

Please check out our page, the Goose Gallery!

Purchase an original piece of art to help the geese!

There are countless reasons to purchase original art. In an age of mass-produced everything, you will have something unique that touched the artists’ hands. You will have something hung on your home or office wall that tells a story.

Great Dane East Hosts Painting Workshop

Thank you, Great Dane East for hosting our Paint Your Favorite Non-human Animal Workshop on April 1, 2019. A fun time was had by all and we saw a lot of talent! 100% of the money spent went to Alliance for Animals!