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There are countless reasons to purchase original art. In an age of mass-produced everything, you will have something unique that touched the artists’ hands.
You will have something hung on your home or office wall that tells a story.


Thank you, Great Dane East for hosting our Paint Your Favorite Non-human Animal Workshop on April 1, 2019. A fun time was had by all and we saw a lot of talent! 100% of the money spent went to Alliance for Animals!


Will Your Child Be Dissecting in School This Year?

Should students be forced to dissect animals in school? Unfortunately, Wisconsin has no current language pertaining to dissection in grades K-12 in the state statutes. Here in Wisconsin our student population  includes a variety of cultures with diverse religious, moral, or ethical beliefs regarding animals, and many students at all levels are uncomfortable with dissecting.

Therefore educators must clearly convey the message to parents that students need not compromise personal beliefs in order to learn science.

Dissecting is not only disrespectful to animals, it also drains school budgets, and is not as effective as using computerized models in learning about the anatomy and physiology of animals and humans. Want to help make a change? Email us at Read more here.