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Why vegan? Well, for your health and for the planet, but mostly for the animals.There is a wealth of research showing that a vegan diet is the healthiest way to eat. It even beats the Mediterranean diet. Check it out.A vegan diet is the best choice for the planet.  According to a recent report in the journal Nature, “the production of animal products generates the majority of food-related greenhouse-gas emissions — specifically, up to 78% of total agricultural emissions.”So, adopting a vegan diet is better for your health and the health of the planet.But the main reason to adopt a vegan diet is an ethical one. Be vegan for the animals. Read why here.

AFA Keeps Animal Issues In the Public Eye with Billboards, City Bus, and Theater Ads

Just in time for hunting season! Ten Madison city buses displayed our “This Year Shoot with a Camera” message this fall.

And commuters on Hwy. 51 will not be able to miss our “Wisconsin Pays Hunters” billboard, which we have brought back for one more month to remind Wisconsin taxpayers that our taxes go to reimburse “hounders” when their dogs are killed when put in harm’s way. Read about how Wisconsin pays hunters here.

In addition to the bus ads and the billboards, those whose who see a movie at the very popular Hilldale AMC theater will be reminded that “All Beings Want to be Happy,” so be kind, and go vegan.

Help us put up more more billboards, bus ads, and advertisement throughout Wisconsin by donating to our Billboard Campaign. We can’t do it without you. For all the animals, thank you.