Wisconsin Has a Dirty Little Secret – Legal Animal Fighting

NEW: Read Paul Collins Op-Ed in the Cap Times. Did you know that dog fighting is legal in the state of Wisconsin? Did you know that dogs injured or killed while fighting wolves are paid for by the Wisconsin DNR up to $2500? Not only is using dogs to fight wild animals legal in Wisconsin, it is also encouraged by state authorities. Continue reading >>>

Madison Parks: Make 2019 a NO KILL SUMMER for Canada Geese

Like most animals, geese poop and humans don’t like to step in it.

Madison City Parks pays the USDA to round up geese and their goslings and kill them for the simple reason that a few people complain about their poop.

They catch them very early in the morning, when most of us are still asleep. They catch them when the adults are molting and cannot fly.

Alliance for Animals met with Eric Knepp, head of Madison Parks, several times last year to discuss alternatives to gassing the geese.

Read more and see what you can do here.

Potential Dog Breeding Facility in Spring Green Awaits Approval to Breed Beagles and Sell to Research

NEWS: With the support of Dane4Dogs, local residents are gathering signatures in support of an ordinance to ban research puppy mills. Supporters of the ban are urged to write letters to the editor of their local paper, encouraging their legislators to enact a ban on research puppy mills in their community. 

Breeding beagles for cruel research procedures. That’s what has been the goal all along for Spring Green residents Jill Janssen Kane and Clint Kane, as they have been applying for permits to house large numbers of dogs in Spring Green. First they applied for a kennel permit with no mention that the dogs would be bred for medical testing.

Channel 3000 reported that, “Village of Spring Green Chairman Joel Marcus said he was not originally aware the animals would be bred for medical testing. This information was brought to the village by the community and confirmed by the owners, Jill and Clint Kane.

“I have to admit I felt blindsided. I did not have this information beforehand,” Marcus said. “So we immediately put those questions to the Kanes, and they did admit that the purpose of their operation is to raise dogs for medical research.”

Dane4Dogs, has gathered substantial information with suggestions for what can be done. We support their hard work and will do everything we can to help put an end to this upsetting plan. Be sure to sign the Change.org petition to voice your opposition to the dog breeding research facility in Spring Green.

What’s Going on With Canada Geese in Madison?

NEW: Read Isthmus article on efforts to end annual goose slaughter.
As most of you know, the Parks Dept. in Madison has killed geese in the past – they are in the process of counting and hazing them – the less geese counted and found in the parks and beaches, the more likely they won’t kill them. We want to do EVERYTHING WE CAN to keep this from happening again and hope that you can help.
The Parks Department is looking for volunteers to count and “haze” geese for 15-30 minutes daily, as needed, until a given flock moves to another site. Continue reading>>>

New Dissection Policy for Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD families must be notified if their children are to take part in dissection activities or to watch dissection demonstrations AND must be given an equally educational alternative if the family/student chooses not to participate due to religious, moral, or ethical beliefs regarding animals. Madison Metropolitan School District Principals and Department Chairs were sent messages about the policy from Patti Schaefer, Director of STEM. 

America’s Cow Hell

Do you live in Wisconsin but don’t want to display “America’s Dairyland” on your license plate? Alliance for Animals is the only place to get America’s Cow Hell stickers! Cost is $4 for two stickers.

Artists Help With Goose Campaign

Please check out our page, the Goose Gallery! Purchase an original piece of art to help the geese! There are countless reasons to purchase original art. In an age of mass-produced everything, you will have something unique that touched the artists’ hands. You will have something hung on your home or office wall that tells a story.

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