The Alliance for Animals is a non-profit animal rights organization whose fundamental belief is that all animals, human and nonhuman, should not be treated as the property of another. The Alliance was created to promote ethical, compassionate treatment of all animals.

The Alliance confronts exploitation and cruelty to animals. Our work includes local campaigns advocating for animals, events, tabling, media and advertising, speakers, movie screenings, humane education, and leafleting throughout Wisconsin.

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Alliance for Animals
P.O. Box 1632
Madison, WI 53701

The Alliance does not offer spaying or neutering services at this time.

Board of Directors

Board President – Lynn Pauly

Lynn has worked for several national animal rights groups and locally shared the Executive Director position at the Alliance with husband Rick Bogle from 2008-2013. During that time the Alliance was instrumental in the Dane County ban on elephants in circuses, Mad City Vegan Fest, and the Alliance’s strong vegan and anti-vivisection presence in Madison. She is committed to strengthening the Alliance as the voice for the animals of Wisconsin who cannot speak for themselves. Lynn resides in Madison with husband Rick and a most superior canine, Micky.

Board Vice President – Marina Drake

A lifelong animal advocate, Marina holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Washington, and has lived in Madison since 1991. Marina has been vegan since 2005. Since 2006, she has been an active member of the Alliance, serving on the Companion Animal and Farmed Animal Committees, as well as on the Board of Directors from 2008 – 2012. From 2013 – 2015, Marina was Editor and Writer of the Alliance’s “Simply Vegan” E-Newsletter. She has worked on various campaigns, events and activities, including organizing speaker visits and a vegan nutrition workshop, attending demos, investigating the circus, tabling, and recording radio commentaries. Marina hopes to do her part in continuing the Alliance’s work of raising awareness and creating positive change in the lives of all animals. When she’s not doing animal rights work with friends, Marina likes to read, write, cook vegan food, do yoga, explore the five Rs (reduce, re-use, restore, recover and recycle), and hang out with her husband, their cat Oliver, chickens Carly, Frieda and Annie, and rabbits Charm and Peridot, while they all figure out how to turn their home and yard into a big solar-powered vegan permaculture garden of peace.

Megan Ryan – Board Secretary

Megan became interested in animal rights around the time that she gave birth to her son, Jackson in 2004. Upon making a connection with this little being, she started really thinking about the connections that animals have with each other, specifically farmed animals, and how those relationships are broken by humans. When she thinks about a mother cow having her calf ripped away from her, it fills her with great sadness. She became vegetarian shortly after Jackson was born and then gradually went vegan. She learned about the Alliance at the Dane County Farmer’s Market one morning, when Jackson was attracted to a stuffed monkey. Ann Emerson struck up a conversation with them and described some of the terrible things that were being done to animals in labs in Madison. That day was the catalyst for her involvement with the Alliance.

Sonya Sidky – Board Treasurer

Sonya has resided in Wisconsin for most of her life and has been Vegan since Madison Vegan Fest in June 2012. She is deeply committed to advocating for all animal welfare issue in Wisconsin.

Sonya believes that one of the many great strengths of the Wisconsin Alliance for the Animals is its reputation for addressing a variety of animal issues, including factory farming, animal experimentation, hunting, and zoos. Sonya believes that this approach attracts a broad membership and volunteer base that allows for a rich cross-exposure of issues.

Sonya is particularly interested in promoting veganism and reducing the suffering of animals resulting from factory farming. Sonya has enthusiastically attended numerous impressive Alliance events such as Vegan Fest, and the Chili cook-off for several years and naturally progressed into and tabling for the Alliance at events such as the Wellness Expo.

Sonya has been employed by the State of Wisconsin for over 15 years and held various positions providing experience analyzing large data sets, survey design and implementation, project management, analytical writing, evaluating grant applications, event planning, procuring services and much more. She hopes to use her analytical background to further the mission of the Alliance and address the root cause of society’s mistreatment of animals.

Judi Duncan – Board member 

Judi moved to Madison late in 2013 and shortly thereafter joined the Alliance, where she quickly became involved in many activities. She’s been on the Vegan Fest Planning Committee and Farmed Animals Committee, has tabled frequently at the farmers market, helped with the Great American Meat-Out, and with the Annual Chili Cookoff. She believes in advocating for the rights of all animals but has a personal focus on farmed animals and the environmental effects of animal agriculture on the planet and the health of the human animal as well.


Lesley Crocker – Board Member

Lesley was born and raised in Chicago, coming to Madison in 1974 to attend the UW. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, and currently works for the State, reviewing medical reports and applying regulations to determine benefit eligibility. She lives in Madison with her husband, stepson, cat, and dog. She became involved with the Alliance in 1991, and has served multiple terms on the Board of Directors in the past.

Lesley worked on such major campaigns as the Vilas Zoo/Primate Research Monkeys [1997-1998] and the Vilas Zoo Elephants [1999-2000]. For over 10 years she served on the Alliance Farm Animal Committee, coordinating their two annual dinners [in honor of The Great American Meatout and World Farmed Animals Day].

Lesley has participated in many events over the years pertaining to Wildlife, Anti-Vivisection, Animals in Entertainment, and Farmed Animals. For fun she enjoys going to movies, spending time with family/friends, visiting Chicago and other cities, reading true crime and memoirs, creating doll displays, sewing, and card-making.

Amy Burns – Board Member


Russ Brown – Mad City Vegan Fest Coordinator


Aaron Yarmel – Animals in Research Discussion Group 

Aaron Yarmel became vegan in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. As a PhD student in philosophy at UW-Madison, he is committed to using whatever tools philosophy has to offer to advocate on behalf of animals. Aaron holds a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music. He has played key roles in organizing and performing (as a violinist) in benefit concerts for animal rights groups in Illinois, New York, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Aaron is an aspiring effective altruist, and he is the Chief Executive Officer of Effective Altruism, UW. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer his assistance to the Animals in Research Committee of the Alliance for Animals..

Melissa Smith – Wildlife Consultant  

President and Executive Director of Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison & New Mexico State University, Delegate to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

Melissa has a special interest in the role that sociology plays in wildlife management and Diversity of values. Melissa is dedicated to wildlife agency reform, the public trust, and transparency, representation and democracy within these agencies She believes firmly in what is called “compassionate conservation” and believes we need change the way wolves and other wildlife are managed in North America. She also enjoys spending time with her rescued sheep, dogs, and cats.