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Heifer International is No Friend to Animals

Listen to Alliance For Animals’ board member, Marina Drake, on last month’s Commentary, Don’t Do Animal Gifting, on WORT-FM Kiosk. Marina explains why organizations like Heifer International are no friend to animals or the less fortunate. Thank you WORT-FM (89.9) for allowing our voices to be heard. You can read the text here.


Have You Seen Our Newest Billboard?

AFA Keeps the Animals In the Public Eye with Billboards,
Television Commercials, and
City Bus and Theater Ads

Just in time for hunting season, ten Madison city buses displayed our “This Year Shoot with a Camera” message.

And commuters saw saw our “Wisconsin Pays Hunters” billboard for three months, reminding Wisconsin taxpayers that our taxes go to reimburse “hounders” when their dogs are killed when put in harm’s way.  Read about how Wisconsin pays hunters here.

In addition to the bus ads and the billboards, theater goers in Madison, Milwaukee, and Stevens Point are being reminded that “All Beings Want to be Happy,” so be kind, and go vegan. And to addition to that, our pro-animals go-vegan  ads are airing on tow Madison television stations! (NBC 15 and the CW, channel 57)

Help us put up more more pro-animal go-vegan billboards, TV and bus ads, and print advertisements throughout Wisconsin by donating to our Billboard Campaign. We can’t do it without you. For all the animals, thank you.

(Madison east-siders, look for our ads the Eastside News this coming year. “Make 2020 the year you go vegan.” This is our Jan/Feb ad.)