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Become an AFA Board Member!

The AFA Board has played an important part in the organization since its inception in 1983. Serving on the Board is a rewarding and interesting commitment. We welcome new members who are committed to all areas of animal rights. Board members meet monthly, help with events and campaigns, and are instrumental in the organization.

Please send us a brief bio and your reason for wanting to serve on the Board. Please keep your letter less than one page long.

Email your letter to no later than December 31, 2021.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about serving on the Board.

Madison Parks Kills 72 Geese – AFA Protests

On Friday, July 23 AFA supporters and animal activists gathered at the City County Building in Madison to protest the senseless slaughter of 72 geese – adults and babies.

Click on the bus ad below to read all about our efforts to protect Madison geese.

Alliance For Animals purchased a dozen of these bus ads on Madison Metro buses during the month of June.

What You Can Do

  1. Watch AFA Board Member Mary Telfer as she discusses the Madison geese on TVW Talk Wisconsin.
  2. Contact Paul Quinlan at and tell him you want to help haze the geese.
  3. Continue to support our work with a donation so we can continue speaking up for the animals.

Wisconsin Pays Hunters Who Let Wolves Kill Their Dogs

Click on our latest billboard to read about how the state of Wisconsin pays hunters who let wolves kill their dogs.

One More Way Your Donations Help. Billboard can be seen on Stoughton Road in Madison June and July.

Be Kind to Animals – Don’t Eat Them

Be on the lookout for our newest Madison Metro bus ad, appearing February through April! It is because of your donations that we are able to purchase ad space pointing out that all animals deserve our care and respect. Thank you.

If you spot one and have a chance to snap a picture, send it to us at!

Thanks to a very generous donor our Be Kind to Animals-Don’t Eat Them ads will continue another two months!

Adopt Don’t Shop

Did you see our ad in the Pets section of the Wisconsin State Journal? If so, maybe you are looking for the perfect companion and don’t know where to start.

Over four million animals are killed by shelters in the United States each year. You can personally impact this number by adopting an animal from a shelter. While shelters usually have puppies and kittens, consider adopting an older animal, as you will be spared the hassle of toilet training, chewing, and other behaviors. In addition, shelters are often able to give you information on an animal’s temperament. Alliance For Animals is not an animal shelter, but here are some of our recommendations of places to look.


Wisconsin Adopt/Rescue Organizations

Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin
Nine Lives Rescue
Kadlec Ranch Rescue, Rock County
Diamond Dogs Rescue Wisconsin, South Central Wisconsin
Albert’s Dog Lounge, Whitewater
Fetch Wisconsin Rescue,
Key to Happiness Rescue, DeForest
Shelter From the Storm,
Paddy’s Paws, Ft. Atkinson
Brown Paws Dog Rescue

Check out some of our ads for animals.

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